Short film, Comedy, Uplifting Drama


Keegan, a rambunctious kid with dreams of motocross races and Hollywood stunts, finds a new purpose after an accidental tragedy claims his life on earth. After a fellow spirit reveals that the souls of the dead can “body surf”, she introduces him to Rory, a boy who’s being bullied for being gay.

Keegan is happy to have a new body to play in, but his shocked host is not so sure. Whether it be stepping left or jumping right, the comically mismatched pair don’t agree on much, but find laughter as they learn to work as one. But then they run into Rory’s bully, and Keegan initiates a fight. Rory’s going to have to learn to stand up for himself—fast.


Director: Henrik A. Meyer
Screenwriters: Henrik A. Meyer & Adam Bertocci

Production Company: Henrik A. Meyer Productions

Running Time: 17 minutes                                                                                                 Budget $27K
Year: 2018
Language: English                                                                                                                       Format: 1:85, 4K


The idea behind “THE CHAMPIONS” is from my own trusty, childhood imaginary friend.

I could tell my “friend” everything and he made me stronger as I was growing up. As I got older and older he slowly disappeared from my mind, but I remember how much I talked to him, developed my creative mind with him, and how he shaped what I am today. I never felt alone as a kid with my cool “friend” inside me all the time.

I believe this story tells a lot of kids’ imaginary friends stories. For so many children, no matter who they are or what they grow up to be, their imaginary friends helped them learn to stand up for themselves and live the lives they wanted without fear.


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I want to make this short film a comedy, because of the fun and laughter my imaginary friend brought me.

The style of “THE CHAMPIONS” is going to follow each of the voices inside Rory’s head. When we hear the voice of Keegan, who has settled into the right side of Rory’s body, we will focus on the right side of the actor’s profile, acting more purposefully, strongly, and rambunctiously. When we hear from Rory himself, who maintains the left side of his body, we will focus on the left side of the actor’s profile, acting much more hesitantly, fearfully, and softly.


KEEGAN — 12, male, Irish. Grungy and rambunctious, a boy who loves to ride bikes and dreams of becoming a stuntman. This actor should be comfortable on a bike.

RORY — 12, male, Irish. Soft, frail, feminine, a pretty boy. Sensitive, gay, gets bullied. This actor also needs to be able to play Rory-as-possessed-by-Keegan, and switch back between the two as they fight over the two sides of his body. Also should be comfortable on a bike.

COLIN — 40s, male, Irish. Strong because he has to be. He knows the kind of life his son will have and wants him to be prepared.

EVELYN — 40s, female, Irish. Wishes she could do more to protect her baby.

AILEEN — child, female, Irish. Wise beyond her years.

TRISTIAN —teenage, male, Irish. A classic bully.

HARRY — 40s, male, Irish. Lean, worn-out, a mean old drunk who life has passed by.

MRS. BROWN — elderly, female. A sweet grandmotherly type who can also play being possessed by a little boy who finds farts hilarious.

DR. O’NEILL — adult, male, Irish. A man with a good bedside manner.

AILEEN’S PARENTS — 40s, Irish. No dialogue, but a lot of grieving and crying.

MIA — teenage, female. Mysterious and lovely.

COOL BOY — 12 or teenage, male. Handsome and confident. This actor should be comfortable on a bike.


Henrik A. Meyer 300 x 208.jpg

Henrik A. Meyer found himself drawn to the camera at the age of 10 when he first started taking pictures, which turned into a lifelong passion for photography. Mr. Meyer took his first cinematography course at age 21, and he loved it so much that he moved to the USA in 1996, where he worked at Panavision LA and completed further cinematography courses.  In 2010, he graduated from film school in New York City and received a diploma in Cinematography.

Mr. Meyer has collaborated closely with some of the most talented, award-winning cinematographers and directors in Denmark. In over 15 years as a 1st AC, he has worked on three International Emmy® Award-winning series, including UNIT 1 and FORSVAR with acclaimed director Niels Arden Oplev (director of THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO, Swedish version). His extensive experience as a 1st AC allowed him to learn many skills that he holds today as a director of photography. 

At present, Mr. Meyer has been steadily adding to his body of work as a director. He directed his short film THE BLUE CAR (see link below), which was shown in the D.C. Shorts Festival, as well as the Oxford Film Festival. With three more films currently underway, he hopes to continue his storytelling journey in this new role in addition to his lifelong passion as a cinematographer.

Henrik A. Meyer's showreel:

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Adam Bertocci is a filmmaker, screenwriter, author, accidental playwright, tasteless humorist and apparent polymath.

His award-winning short films, produced under his own banner of Guy in his Basement Productions, are mainstays on the festival circuit, exploring a wide variety of genres and topics with unforgettable performances, insightfully observed emotions and perversely miniscule budgets.

He has also written short scripts for other filmmakers, most notably the Christmas comedy Wreck the Halls starring Mickey Rooney, as well as a collection of well-regarded spec features. Whatever the scale or the genre, his scripts are acclaimed for their sharp dialogue and their playful blurring of the line between fantasy and reality.

Bertocci became both a playwright and an author off the meteoric success of his viral hit Two Gentlemen of Lebowski, a pop culture mashup that landed him theatrical production offers the day it went online, a literary agent in a week and a sold-out theatrical run off-off-Broadway within three months; it remains arguably the fastest-selling show in New York independent theatre history. The text is now published by Simon & Schuster in a beautifully illustrated, fully annotated edition to both commercial success and acclaim from critics and fans alike.

His prolific output has been honored with a bevy of awards, honors, press attention and critical praise: click here for a complete list.

Bertocci is a proud graduate of the film program at Northwestern University, with a minor in English literature. He works in and around New York; when not pursuing his own projects, he is a Final Cut Pro editor, titles designer and occasional animator / effects artist for film and television.

Adam Bertocci’s website.


Directed and Produced by Henrik A. Meyer.