Short film, Uplifting Drama


Keegan, a rambunctious bullying kid with dreams of motocross races and Hollywood stunts, finds out that the souls of the dead can “body surf”.

Keegan gets a visit from a boy spirit who do not share the same way of living life. Whether it be stepping left or jumping right, the comically mismatched pair don’t agree on much, but find laughter as they learn to work as one. Rory teaches Keegan not to bully other kids, but what is his real purpose of being inside Keegan's body.


Director: Henrik A. Meyer
Screenwriters: Henrik A. Meyer & Adam Bertocci

Production Company: Henrik A. Meyer Productions

Running Time: 20 minutes                                                                                                 Budget $40K
Year: 2019
Language: English                                                                                                                       Format: 2:34, 4K


The idea behind “THE CHAMPIONS” is inspired by my own childhood and how I helped other kids for not being bullied.

When I was about 10 years old there was a boy from my class that got bullied a lot, he ended up a lot of times running away crying. Our teacher did her best to stop the bulling, but it didn't really had any effect. One day I decided to go up and ask him if he wanted to play a fun game (I always used my fantasy a lot to come up with new ways of playing games). He said yes and we started playing this new game. When we played I told him that he needed to stand up for himself and not letting the other boys bulling him. After we had played the new fun game for an hour our classmates and the bullies came up to us very interested in what we were doing, and they asked if they could play along. I could had said only if you stop bulling my friend, but I instead immediately said yes you can play with us. We all started having fun and forgot all about the bulling, and after that day they stopped bulling my classmate. To be honest I don't know how I came up with this idea of helping him in an age of 10. Even that I was a strong you boy I hated to fight, so I guess that is why I had to come up with an alternative idea to help him.

I deeply believe that we're in a time now where words are much stronger than muscles, and therefore we can teach our kids that it's not okay to bully other kids just because they are different. It's important that we teach our kids to stand up for them self and help each other.


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I want to make this short film an uplifting drama.

The style of “THE CHAMPIONS” is going to follow each of the voices inside Keegans head. When we hear the voice of Rory, who has settled into the right side of Keegan’s body, we will focus on the right side of the actor’s profile, acting more hesitantly, fearfully, and softly. When we hear from Keegan himself, who maintains the left side of his body, we will focus on the left side of the actor’s profile, acting much more purposefully, strongly, and rambunctiously.

The camera movement will be handheld when they fight or things goes fast and more static and steady when they are come and talking relaxed.

I want to film this up in the Shawangunk mountains New York., I'm very familiar with the area and have friends living there. It's a beautiful suburban area that has all the locations that I need for The Champions. Filming in late summer will give us the warm look that I feel will fit the film perfectly.

Keegan's house is an old farm that has not being taken care of for years, but Keegan's cave is very cozy and has a lot of interesting finds from the dumpster. The mood of his cave is warm and very colorful.

Rory's house is a middle class American home. Where Rory's room has a lot of pink colors.

All biking scenes are going to be in the Shawangunk mountains new york.


KEEGAN — 12, male. Grungy and rambunctious, a boy who loves to ride bikes and dreams of becoming a stuntman. This actor should be comfortable on a bike.

RORY — 12, male. Soft, frail, feminine, a pretty boy. Sensitive, gay, gets bullied. This actor also needs to be able to play Rory-as-possessed-by-Keegan, and switch back between the two as they fight over the two sides of his body. Also should be comfortable on a bike.

COLIN — 40s, male. Strong because he has to be. He knows the kind of life his son will have and wants him to be prepared.

EVELYN — 40s, female. Wishes she could do more to protect her baby.

AILEEN — child, female. Wise beyond her years.

SHIRLEY — Warm hearted women who takes pride in her job as a social worker.

HARRY — 40s, male. Lean, worn-out, a mean old drunk who life has passed by.

MRS. BROWN — elderly, female. A sweet grandmotherly type who can also play being possessed by a little boy who finds farts hilarious.



Henrik A. Meyer found himself drawn to the camera at the age of 10 when he first started taking pictures, which turned into a lifelong passion for photography. Mr. Meyer took his first cinematography course at age 21, and he loved it so much that he moved to the USA in 1996, where he worked at Panavision LA and completed further cinematography courses.  In 2010, he graduated from film school in New York City and received a diploma in Cinematography.

Mr. Meyer has collaborated closely with some of the most talented, award-winning cinematographers and directors in Denmark. In over 15 years as a 1st AC, he has worked on three International Emmy® Award-winning series, including UNIT 1 and FORSVAR with acclaimed director Niels Arden Oplev (director of THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO, Swedish version). His extensive experience as a 1st AC allowed him to learn many skills that he holds today as a director of photography. 

At present, Mr. Meyer has been steadily adding to his body of work as a director. He directed his short film THE BLUE CAR (see link below), which was shown in the D.C. Shorts Festival, as well as the Oxford Film Festival. With three more films currently underway, he hopes to continue his storytelling journey in this new role in addition to his lifelong passion as a cinematographer.

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Adam Bertocci is a filmmaker, screenwriter, author, accidental playwright, tasteless humorist and apparent polymath.

His award-winning short films, produced under his own banner of Guy in his Basement Productions, are mainstays on the festival circuit, exploring a wide variety of genres and topics with unforgettable performances, insightfully observed emotions and perversely miniscule budgets.

He has also written short scripts for other filmmakers, most notably the Christmas comedy Wreck the Halls starring Mickey Rooney, as well as a collection of well-regarded spec features. Whatever the scale or the genre, his scripts are acclaimed for their sharp dialogue and their playful blurring of the line between fantasy and reality.

Bertocci became both a playwright and an author off the meteoric success of his viral hit Two Gentlemen of Lebowski, a pop culture mashup that landed him theatrical production offers the day it went online, a literary agent in a week and a sold-out theatrical run off-off-Broadway within three months; it remains arguably the fastest-selling show in New York independent theatre history. The text is now published by Simon & Schuster in a beautifully illustrated, fully annotated edition to both commercial success and acclaim from critics and fans alike.

His prolific output has been honored with a bevy of awards, honors, press attention and critical praise: click here for a complete list.

Bertocci is a proud graduate of the film program at Northwestern University, with a minor in English literature. He works in and around New York; when not pursuing his own projects, he is a Final Cut Pro editor, titles designer and occasional animator / effects artist for film and television.

Adam Bertocci’s website

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Lars Wissing is a Copenhagen based editor with more than 15 years of experience.

Lars has edited several feature films, as well as award winning short films - including the Academy Award winner Helium.

His work includes award winning television series The Killing and The Protectors.

He is currently editing the feature film I Kill Giants starring Madison Wolfe and Zoe Saldana.

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David Morrissey Jr. has a background in acting, marketing, art/graphic design, music, production, martial arts and dance. As an actor, David has appeared in various productions on off-Broadway stages and in films, web series, and commercials, as well as over fifty regional theaters all across the US. In February, he appeared in "Godspell" (Jesus) in Sanibel, Florida. He has has worked with renowned professionals such as Marie Danvers and Spring Sirkin, and has studied personally Jeff Passero, Michael McAuliffe, David Kramer, Steven Lantz-Gefroh, Jo Curtis Lester, Deborah Livering, and his mother Terri Morrissey. 

David has helped design various merchandise packaging, logos, souvenirs, and posters for various Broadway and off Broadway shows like Xanadu and The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity, as well as celebrity events such as 2nd Stage's 21st Annual All-Star Bowling classic and a basketball for Obama’s first inauguration. As a child, David studied visual art and sculpting at Studio 703 in Port Jefferson, NY.

David plays piano for multiple bands in Manhattan, from jazz singer Marieme Diop to rock artist Trubdr. Adam Road. He has performed all over New York City. He has studied piano his whole life under Michael Livering at The Performing Arts Studio of NY, and has studied voice under Chuck Schneider, Rob Gallagher, Deborah Livering, and his father David Morrissey. David has also studied jazz music theory with John Segale and Jimmy Heath.

While David was growing up he also took various martial arts and dance styles. He has over ten years experience in various combat styles, including Aikido, Jujitsu, Judo, Karate, Kempo, Boxing, Stage Combat, Fencing, Arnese, Nunchaku, Rapier, Wrestling, Basic Kung Fu, and Kickboxing. David has also studied Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Modern, Middle Eastern, and contemporary urban styles. He has taken classes from various experts, including Javier Ninja and Olympian Steven Lantz-Gefroh.

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David J. Diaz.jpg

David J. Diaz  (Producer, Director, Writer) is an emerging filmmaker and aspiring inventor (who wouldn’t love to invent a way of keeping like-socks together?!) based in NYC, who over the years, has worn hats above/below the line which he readily admits has served as on-the-job training to becoming a filmmaker. 

Since 2015 he has written, directed and self-produced 6 [short] films (2 in 2018.) His sophomore film BEHIND THE BURKA won The Social Impact and Creativity Awards through A Show For A Change as well as two distribution offers.

Two of his feature screenplays, the epic sci-fi adventure DESTINY ONE, and the outlandishly funny A WORK OF ART (a divine comedy) placed at the top of The Creative World and Page screenwriting contests. A Work of Art has since been adapted for the Broadway stage. 

David attended NYU's film program and has been a long time student of Behavioral Psychology and Communications. At one time he was courted by college recruiters for his skill to pitch a baseball but nowadays enjoys dividing his time between filmmaking, writing, developing and pitching screenplays instead.  


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A film by Henrik A. Meyer

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Directed, Produced, Cinematography and Set builder by Henrik A. Meyer.