Equipment partner

RED Epic W 8K Helium Sensor Camera. $350/day (camera package only) Gimbal stabilizer $150/day


(4) V-mount bricks w/ Charger and AC Cable

(5) RedVolts w/ Charger and AC Cable

DSMC Side Handle

Tilta V-Mount

AC Power for EPIC Body W/ Cable



(1) 480GB Mini mag

(2) 240GB mini mag

RED Station mini mag (Card Reader)




(1) B & W ND variable Filter

(1) B & W Ultra Polarizer



Sennheiser MKH 60 Mic w/ Windshield

XLR to Stereo Jack Cable

Azden Shotgun Shock Mount



Tilta Matte Box Sun Shade Set (5pc)

Redrock Micro … Wireless follow / remote focus system. 

HDMI - HD wireless transmitter and receiver.

Tilta Double Sided Follow Focus (19mm)

Follow Focus 15mm Rod Adaptor

15” Whip and Ultra Crank


RED Touch 5.0” w/ Cable


Red Arms (2x9” and 1x5”)

+1 Adaptor Module for Viewfinder




Caonon EF 17-35mm

Canon EF 24-70mm

Canon EF 70-200mm

Canon Macro 100mm



(4) 19mm Tilta Carbon Fiber Rods

(2) 15mm 6” Carbon Fiber Rods

Tilta 19mm and 15mm Sliding Baseplate

12” Tilta Dovetail Plate



- Ronin stabilizer ($150/day)

- Manfrotto tripod

- Dana dolly



Equipment partner

Red Raven 4.5K: $250/day (camera package only). Gimbal stabilizer $150/day


Atomos Samurai Blade + 2 batteries + HDD/ SSD reader. 

Redrock Micro … Wireless follow / remote focus system. 

HDMI - HD wireless transmitter and receiver. 



Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L II.

Tokina 16-28mm f/2.8 Pro FX.

Rokinon 8mm f/3.5 Aspherical Fisheye lens. 



2 x 1500w LED lights.

2 x 1000w LED panel lights.

1 x600w LED panel light.

Body with Canon EF mount. + Nikon lens adapter. 

Side handle + 4 batteries + Charger.

Red Touch 5.0" LCD monitor.

Red Station mini mag (card reader).

(2) Red mini mags 240GB.


4 x GlobalmediaproLi160S battery brick and charger.

Each brick is good for 2.5 hour continuous shooting. 

Wooden Camera Jetpack v-mount brick battery adapter. 

Light kit $200-$600/day

Equipment partner


1x 12x12 Frame (Speed Rail Frame w/Corners & Ears) 1x 8x8 Frame (Speed Rail Frame w/Corners & Ears) 1x 8x8 Frame (Square Tube Frame w/Corners & Ears) 1x 8x8 Solid
1x 8x8 Ultrabounce
1x 8x8 Quarter Grid (Silent) 1x 8x8 Light Grid (Silent)
1x 8x8 Full Grid (Silent) 


1x 6 Step Ladder 


1x Dana Dolly 


2x 4ft Speedrail 2x 6ft Speedrail 4x 8ft Speedrail 2x 10ft Speedrail 4x 12ft Speedrail 

Grip Expendables: 

Bounce Boards (Hard Silver and Crushed Silver) (4x8, 4x4, 2x4, and 2x2 Cuts) Duvatyne (Various Quantities and Cuts)
Hanks Of #10 Sash
Spools Of Trickline 

Ratchet Straps 2ft Zip Ties
1ft Zip Ties Tennis Balls Screws And Nails Thumb Tacks Staples 

Pledge WD40 Goo Off 


5 Gallon Gas Can
2 Gallon Gas Can
1 Gallon Gas Can
Bleached Muslin (Various Quantities and Cuts) Unbleached Muslin (Various Quantities and Cuts) 

Cello 2ft Black Wrap
1ft Black Wrap
Binder Clips
Porcelain Sockets
Light Bulbs (E26 Base From 15W to 500W) 250ft Spool Of Zip Cord 

Quick Ons
Add A Taps
Add A Plugs
Socket Dimmers
Cube Taps
Ground Adapters
China Balls (From 10' to 32')
Oyster Shells (Half China Balls Glued Onto Bounce Boards) Covered Wagons 

Gaff/Paper Tape (2’ and 1’ Black, White, and Blue) Electrical Tape 

Snot Tape
Double Sided Tape
Spike Tape
Streaks N' Tips
Gels (Various Quantities and Cuts)(Rolls of Opal, 250, Q. Grid, E. -G, E.CTO, Q. CTO, Q.CTB, ND9) 


Sekonic Light Meter Gaffer Glass
Clamp Meter
Circuit Breaker Tracer Power Drill 

Circular Saw

Staple Gun
Stud Finder
500W Power Inverter 100W Power Inverter 350A Car Jump Starter 


2x Arri 150W
3x Arri 300W
2x Arri 650W
2x ETC Source 4 750W Lekos (w/26 Degree Barrels) 1x Arri 750W Open Face 

2x Arri 1K
2x Arri 1K Open Face
1x Arri 2K
1x Arri 2k Open Face
1x Arri 1.2 HMI
4x 4x4 Kinos
2x 2x4 Kinos
2x 2x2 Kinos
(Includes All Scrims, Lenses, and Spare Bulbs) 


1x Honda EU2000i Generator 8x 50ft Stingers
12x 25ft Stingers
1x 25ft Quad Box 


2x 2k Magic Gadgets
2x 1k Dimmers
8x Hand Squeezers
1x Snoot For Arri 300W
2x Iris’s For ETC Source 4 750W Lekos 1x Anton Bauer Quad Battery Charger 2x Anton Bauer HCX Batterys 


6x 40' C-Stands
2x 40' C-Stands (Turtle Base)
2x 40' C-Stands (Rocky Mountain) 2x 

20' C-Stands

2x Beefy Babies (3 Rise)
1x 750 Baby Roller (2 Rise)
4x Arri AS-2 Lightweight Stands 4x Combi Stands (3 Rise)
2x Low Boy Combis 


4x 4x4 Floppies 1x 4x4 Single 1x 4x4 Double 1x 4x4 Silk 

3x 4x4 Open Frames 4x 2x3 Solids
2x 2x3 Single
2x 2x3 Double 

2x 2x3 Silk

2x 2x3 Open Frames
2x 18x24 Solids
1x 18x24 Single
1x 18x24 Double
1x 18x24 Silk
1x 24x72 Meat Axe Floppy 1x 18x48 Blade Floppy 


28x 25lb Sandbags 8x 15lb Shopbags 


6x Full Apple Boxes
4x Half Apple Boxes
4x Quarter Apple Boxes 6x Pancakes 


2x Duckbills
4x Lollipops
4x Gobo Heads
2x Long Arms


2x Short Arms
4x Cardellinis (Endjaw)
4x Cardellinis (Centerjaw) 2x Cardellinis (6 Inch)
4x Maffers
2x Chain Vice Grips
4x Scissor Clips
2x 4’ C-Clamps (Studded) 2x 6’ C-Clamps (Studded) 

2x 8’ C-Clamps (Studded) 2x 10’ C-Clamps (Studded) 2x 12’ C-Clamps (Studded) 2x Speed C-Clamps 

2x Baby Pipe Clamps 2x Big Bens
2x Little Bens
2x Couplers 

2x 750 Pins
2x Buttplugs
2x 3’ Pigeon Plates
2x 6’ Pigeon Plates
2x 2k Junior Pigeon Plates
1x 750 Baby Offset Arm
1x 2k Junior Offset Arm
2x Menace Arm Kits
2x Pipe Spreader Kits (Telescoping) 2x 2x4 Wall Spreaders
5x Safety Chains
25x #1 Spring Clamps
25x #2 Spring Clamps
4x #3 Spring Clamps 


LIGHT KIT ($100/day):

Arri kit.

1 x 600w

1 x 300w

1 x 150w


1 x LED panel light (Variable temperature 3200k - 56000k)


4 x China ball sets

2 x bounce boards



4 x sand bags

2 x Chimera flag sets (solid, silk, 1/4 and 1/2 scrims)

Smoke machine


Extra rigging gear

Canon 5D mark III package ($75/day):

2 x 64Gb CF cards

2 x 32Gb CF cards

3 xbatteries

1 x Mattbox

ND Filters. sunrise and blue filter

Handheld fram

Atomos Ninja Blade recorder with 1 x 256Gb SSD card. (10bit 422HQ recording)



Canon EF 24-70mm F2.8

Canon EF 17-35mm F2.8

Canon EF 70-200mm F2.8

Canon EF Macro 100mm F2.8



Tripod HD fluid head

Easyrig with backpack