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Short film, Uplifting Drama


After losing his wife and children in a senseless guerrilla attack, Amadou sets out to find the General responsible. Years later, he confronts General Mafuta and learns the true fate of his family. However, unbeknownst to Mafuta and Amadou, their story does not end there. Through miraculous forgiveness and patience, Amadou brings the monstrous Mafuta to the peace he never thought he deserved.

Director: Henrik A. Meyer
Writer: Henrik A. Meyer

Screenwriter consultant: Winn Coslick

Production Company: Henrik A. Meyer Productions

Running Time: 16 minutes                                                                                                 Budget $35K
Year: 2018
Language: English                                                                                                                       Format: 2:34, 4K


The idea behind “AMADOU” is to show what could become of our world if we all start to forgive each other. Would we be able to make a better and more positive world to live in?

This story is based on a true event. This summer, I traveled around the world filming a narrative documentary about the joy of dancing. In Africa I met a man who told me the story of his friend forgiving a general who had brutally killed his family, so he could bring them home and bury them. In the process, miraculously, the general and the man became friends. Since hearing it, I have not been able to forget this story, and I feel it is a story the world needs to hear.

My personal experience is that seeking justice and revenge will only give you satisfaction for a moment, but living in the now and paying joy forward will keep you happy for a lifetime.


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The style of AMADOU is going to be warm and cinematically feature the beautiful African nature to help tell the story in an uplifting and inspirational way. Camera movements will be smooth and subtle to leave the focus on the actors telling this beautiful story.


AMADOU - 27-32 (time jump), male, African. A simple farmer, he puts his family above all else.

GENERAL MAFUTA - 37, male, African. A soldier since childhood, his lifetime of violence has left him hardened and cruel.

LOLIE - 25, female, African. Amadou’s wife, and mother to Olive and Prisca. A sweet, loving homemaker.

PRISCA - 6, female, African. Amadou and Lolie’s oldest daughter.

OLIVE - 4, female, African. Amadou and Lolie’s younger daughter, Prisca’s little sister.

SUZY - Late 20s, female, African. Mafuta’s wife. A dutiful woman who does not love Mafuta, but is forced to respect him.

GALI - 5, female, African. Suzy and Mafuta’s younger daughter. Curious and playful, despite their home life.

EDNA - 7, female, African. Suzy and Mafuta’s oldest daughter. Quiet and responsible, like her mother.



Henrik A. Meyer found himself drawn to the camera at the age of 10 when he first started taking pictures, which turned into a lifelong passion for photography. Mr. Meyer took his first cinematography course at age 21, and he loved it so much that he moved to the USA in 1996, where he worked at Panavision LA and completed further cinematography courses.  In 2010, he graduated from film school in New York City and received a diploma in Cinematography.

Mr. Meyer has collaborated closely with some of the most talented, award-winning cinematographers and directors in Denmark. In over 15 years as a 1st AC, he has worked on three International Emmy® Award-winning series, including UNIT 1 and FORSVAR with acclaimed director Niels Arden Oplev (director of THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO, Swedish version). His extensive experience as a 1st AC allowed him to learn many skills that he holds today as a director of photography. 

At present, Mr. Meyer has been steadily adding to his body of work as a director. He directed his short film THE BLUE CAR (see link below), which was shown in the D.C. Shorts Festival, as well as the Oxford Film Festival. With three more films currently underway, he hopes to continue his storytelling journey in this new role in addition to his lifelong passion as a cinematographer.

Henrik A. Meyer's showreel:

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Winn Coslick is a creative writer and producer who creates original content for distribution across theatrical, digital, and web platforms. Oversees the creative and financial aspects of projects while leading and managing diverse teams in fast-paced environments. Outstanding ability to tailor messages for specific audiences and to deliver creative elements while collaborating with executives, international brands, and renowned artists. 


Directed and Produced by Henrik A. Meyer.