JULI S. KOBAYASHI “ONE PAST”                                                                                                                                                                                


To Whom It May Concern: 

It is my pleasure to be writing this letter of recommendation for Mr. Henrik A. Meyer, Director of Photography, who shot my narrative short, ONE PAST (shot in May 2013 on the RED Epic). 

Mr. Meyer is an exceptionally talented and unique artist who was an absolute dream to work with. He is 150% reliable, patient, humble, considerate, resourceful, incredibly hardworking, and stays positive and amiable no matter what happens. He is also an excellent communicator and troubleshooter with a wonderfully charming sense of humor, which makes him delightful to be around. 

Henrik’s sensible and organized methodology that allowed plenty of room for artistic freedom was a great way to work, and we fell into sync almost instantly as if we had been working together for years. He has a natural gift for translating the story and themes into beautiful shots while remaining loyal to the director’s vision. He also had tons of fantastic ideas drawing upon his extensive technical knowledge, such as using his homemade lights, which boosted the production value far beyond what I thought possible within our limited budget. 

On set, Mr. Meyer was a consummate professional all around, which was especially a blessing during inevitable setbacks during production. His ability to spin on a dime while staying calm was instrumental to finding great solutions on the fly. Furthermore, Henrik efficiently managed his camera and grip & electric crew while maintaining a very friendly and easy atmosphere, which trickled down to creating a great energy for the entire set. He quickly garnered the respect of the cast as well. Celiné Justice, my co-producer and co-writer who played the lead role in ONE PAST, said she felt so safe doing very raw and emotional scenes with Mr. Meyer behind the camera since she trusted him so completely. 

Working with Henrik was one of the most fulfilling and enjoyable creative collaborations I have ever experienced. I look forward to working with him again many times over. I am certain that he will be an indelible asset to any production, and recommend him without reservation. 

I would be more than happy to elaborate or answer any specific questions about Mr. Meyer, so please do not hesitate to contact me. 


Thank you. 

Best regards, 

Juli S. Kobayashi

Writer, Director, Producer, “One Past” (www.onepastmovie.com

Operations Director, Fork Films (www.forkfilms.net

To whom it may concern:

I am pleased to recommend director of photography Henrik A. Meyer for any production he is in consideration for.  He has been a frequent collaborator of Game 7 Films for years, and has consistently delivered top-notch content across a variety of productions and formats.  

Henrik has a natural eye for composition and a genuine dedication to each project he works on.  He has worked with us on shoots ranging from corporate spots to broadcast television productions.  We can always depend on both his skills and leadership to take our productions to a level utmost professionalism.

Henrik is an invaluable asset to our company.  Without any hesitation, I give him my highest recommendation. 


All the best,

Asger Hussain


Game 7 Films

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