(Feature film)

Blake is a troubled teen who escapes an abusive, alcoholic father and flees to New England to try to find a new life on his own. Charles, a middle aged widower with at young daughter, catches Blake trying to steal his car and instead of turning him in, decides to give him a second chance, ultimately taking him into his home as a son. Tattooed, rough Blake faces immediate judgment from Charles's small town, especially from his neighbor Carol, a single mother with a beautiful teenage daughter Cathleen. Charles's family and Cathleen come to love Blake as he begins to grow and love them, but Carol and the town will stop at nothing to get 'troublemaker' Blake out for good. 
'Blake' takes place in the late 1950's.

"Blake" is an independent feature film script written by Henrik A. Meyer

Image references for cars in the film

Clothing references from the 1950's

Image references for filming locations (New England)

Image references for Blake's tattoos